Dhacort Cream

August 1, 2008

I have been having very dry lips for the past few months, and I was recently referred to consult a specialist. He prescribed this Dhacort Cream and another moisturizer, but with the extra precaution of only using Dhacort Cream sparingly, and not to eat or drink upon application for the next hour.

I couldn’t quite remember his reason for the precaution, though I know it was either that the cream is toxic or that it simply requires more time to be absorbed. For 2 weeks, I have thought it was the latter, and didn’t take too much caution in my usages.

It was till yesterday that Geok pointed out to me that the cream is poisonous. I was like…SHIT! But anyways, I’ve googled on its contents and found out that though side effects could occur, they are not frequent and shouldn’t occur with proper usage.

After trying to read through some medical journals on Dhacort Cream and its contents, I still don’t understand why my very sensitive dry lips require poison to cure it. Sounds scary, as though I’m sufferring from some viral disease and the doctor didn’t tell me… :(

If it helps at all, though, is that, this cream is pretty effective. It helps your lips to ‘recover’ physically, but you’ll end up feeling a little numbness on the applied area.


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